The Company

The company"Spina Antonio – Artisan Production of pickled and preserved food in oil” was founded in 1966 boasting a fifty years of presence, experience and innovation in the Apulian territory.

Antonio Spina (known as Tonino), is the head of the family Spina, and in 1961 he moved to Turin in search of work and fortune and he started working in a porcini mushrooms processing company.

His inspiration and creativity led him to image and dream of a similar company, specialized though into preserving the products of his mother's land, the beloved Apulia.


Thanks to hard work and a lot of sacrifices, in 1966 Tonino made his dream come true: he processed and preserved the products of his region like aubergines, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, tassel grape hyacinths (lampascioni) and artichokes which are the pearls of the Salento region..

After 10 years, being proud of positive market results, he inaugurated a new handcraft processing laboratory of 3000 sqm on the Manduria street in Oria.


Large spaces organized for work, skilled labor, the great contribution of Mrs Rosaria (wife of Tonino) and the entry into employment of his sons Damiano, Giampiero and Luigi, allow the company to make a breakthrough with quality by establishing itself at local and international level in the sector of high quality gastronomy.

Innovative Handicraftsmen

Almost all products are exclusively freshly processed during their season, following a processing cycle that lasts 48 hours from the harvest.This processing method allows to preserve the organoleptic properties and nutritional values of the raw materials and it guarantees the natural crispness.

The products are enriched by natural aromas (like mint, oregano, cinnamon, fresh basil) enhancing their taste.

The quality of the products is ensured by a Food Safety System through internal controls of production cycle and traceability of the products and through external controls made by Agri-food Laboratory Accredia (Lab n.0462) that not only contributes to give support and to control the production cycle, but it also analyzes each production lotcode at microbiological, chemical, physical and organoleptic level before being placed on the market. Our production system guarantees the consumer the genuineness of an artisanal product in total food safety.